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Shea butter, the healing butter of the Mossi people of Burkina Faso. The butter is nicknamed “WOMEN GOLD” due to its multiple virtues. Shea Butter is a commodity owned by women and the profits are a main source of income. Women farmers would extract the butter by pounding shea nuts into a mortar for couple hours, until a black paste is created, then through a separation process the black paste is separated and kept for healing tinctures. During this labor, chants and dancing would occur to ease off the labor. Rich in moisture, the moringa shea cream will provide elasticity, long lasting moisture and an everlasting glow to your skin. Moringa leaves have anti-aging properties with 45 anti-oxidants and 36 anti-inflammatories. Known for its cell repairing properties moringa will penetrate deeply and gently into your skin to build a protective and reparative film on your skin. Shea butter which is rich in Phyto sterols which soften and nourish your skin while moringa repairs your skin. Great for sensitive skin, our blend is made from pure moringa leaves extracts and 100 % raw shea butter from Burkina-Faso.


8oz/240ml plastic jar Moringa leaf extracts and raw shea butter


Apply morning and evening on the body, face and neck.