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Called “ARZAN TIGA” the tree from paradise by the indigenous people of Burkina-Faso for its magical properties. Moringa the tree of life is a complete protein plant with all 18 amino acids that your body needs. All parts of this miracle tree have been used in West-Africa for food, medicine, farming and art. The tradition in Burkina-Faso is to eat the leaves and seed powder simultaneously. The leaves were turned into mini rolls while the seeds where chewed naturally. The farmers of Burkina-Faso of would create synergy and connect with the tree of life holistically by consuming the seeds and leaves simultaneously. While the leaf powder focuses on your body with immune strength, vitality and energy, the seeds will strengthen your nervous system, diminish sugar addiction and improve your memory. Expect a full body detox, improved energy, focus and a sense of relaxation. Our bundle allows you to be empirical and more consistent with your health goals by tracking your intake precisely. This amazing bundle comes with a starter moringa grow kit. Grow your own moringa tree and be part of our growing network of social entrepreneurs.  Give back to mother nature by planting a moringa tree either in the comfort of your home or send it to our community garden in New-Orleans to support children’s education.

Our moringa is pure 100% NON GMO from the farms of Burkina-Faso and we support a co-op of women farmers.


35 vegan pills moringa leaf powder

35 vegan pills moringa seed powder

2 X moringa grow kit (moringa seeds + plant food + grow bag)



Type A person: Fast metabolism, meaning you go to the bathroom twice a day with no problems, take 2 pills daily in between meals. (you can alternate between leaf/seed powder)

Type B person: Slow metabolism, meaning you can skip a day, take 2 pills in the morning on empty stomach, it will help loosen things up and jump start your metabolism. (you can alternate between leaf/seed powder)